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Vervoe’s Assessment Library gives you access to 100s of structured assessments, so you can hire better.

The first and most comprehensive library of
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Vervoe has built a community of experts who continuously share their hiring expertise to help you:

> make hiring faster and fairer thanks to knowledge from a diverse range of industry leaders and reputable companies

> hire with confidence for any role, in an instant, using expert assessments from top people in each field

> understand candidates’ skills and capabilities prior to making an offer, greatly lowering the risk of a bad hire

All while furthering our goal to democratize hiring, allowing smaller
companies to compete with larger corporations for the best talents.

Vervoe’s Assessment Library

Hundreds of structured assessments for all your hiring needs - from administrative to executive roles, from marketing and sales, to engineers and data scientists. And more.

All types of assessments.

  • Skills Tests
  • Work Samples
  • Coding Challenges
  • Immersive Assessments
  • Job Simulations
  • Personality Quizzes

Whatever you need to assess for, our library has it covered.


Whether you work at an early stage tech startup, at a marketing or communication agency, in the retail, food, banking, or health industry, our assessments are designed to help you find the best talents in your field.

We built our library sourcing assessment scripts from individuals at market-leading companies.


Over 3,000 companies trust Vervoe's assessment platform to hire better.
Whether you're a single person operation or scaling up quickly, our assessment scripts have helped customers just like you hire successfully.

See why our Users Love the Assessment Library

Katy Katz

Senior Consultant @ SmartBug Media

"Love the emphasis on demonstrating skills versus the old standard of hiring questions. Sounds like a great way to help circumvent the natural hiring biases that are proven to inhibit the process right now."

Cara Hogan

Content Marketing Strategist @ Zaius

"I've always been a believer in actually testing a candidate's skills before hiring them. I ask content candidates to do a sample blog post as part of the interview process. It's great to see a company recognizing this is important and creating a usable system to accomplish this at scale."

Alex Birkett

Growth Marketing Manager @ HubSpot

"Hiring is a huge bottleneck for startups and almost no one gets it right with a few (or many) hiccups. Pulling knowledge from those who have already experienced those hiccups and smoothed out their own process is a great idea."