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Open the Candidate Floodgates by Writing Job Postings that Convert

It doesn't matter how great your hiring process is if you don't have enough candidates to assess for a role. First, you have to write a compelling job posting that spells out the skills necessary for the role, and also shows off your company's culture.

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Why You Should Interview All Candidates in Parallel

Imagine this for a moment. You invite 20 potential employees into your office. It takes a while to get each candidate checked in, huddled into one room, and quietly seated. Then, you ask all 20 of them all of your interview questions at the same time. Let’s take it a step further - picture this same scenario with hundreds of people in the same room answering the same questions. What do you think will happen? Chaos will ensue, right?

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Don't Be Afraid to Call Yourself an Expert

Are you good at your job? Are you an experienced employee in a specific field? If so, you're an expert. Call yourself an expert and own it.

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Consistently Measure Your Hiring Results Over Time

How do you know whether your hiring process is a success, or a failure? If you're not measuring it and keeping a consistent process over time, you don't.

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Stop Trying to Find the Elusive Culture Fit

For years, startups focused on finding candidates that were a "culture fit.” The reasoning was that because a new hire is often joining small teams where people will spend lots of time together, you want to hire someone who will get along well with the team.

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Why Are Interview Scripts So Valuable?

In television and movies, the actors who read scripts get all the credit. Yet it’s the scriptwriters arming them with the words and stories that capture the attention of devoted viewers.

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"How long should I wait before following up after a job interview?"

Don't leave your candidates waiting and wondering.

When you’re mired in the stress of hiring, it’s easy to forget what it feels like to be on the other side of a job hunt. Interviewing is stressful, high pressure, and -- worst of all -- requires a lot of waiting to hear from employers.

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How Employer Branding Improves Recruiting

For most businesses, recruitment proves to be a real challenge. With so many companies out there vying for the same jobseekers, what strategies can a business can implement to establish itself as the organization that everyone is dying to work for?

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The Skills Anyone Needs to Succeed in Your Role

You know better than anyone how hard your job is, and which skills it demands. The problem is that many hiring managers may not know what your job truly requires. That’s how employers end up with unqualified staff, failed hires, endless conflict, and needless expenses associated with hiring, firing, and re-recruitment.

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You Should Interview Everyone (Seriously)

Think you know the right candidate for a job, and that you can easily differentiate them from other candidates based on resumes alone? You’re already making your first hiring mistake.

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