Diverse Companies
Perform Better

Vervoe removes bias by interviewing everyone, automatically, to help you build a better company.

Diversity Drives Performance

Companies with a diverse workforce perform better. Why?

Because they bring people with different backgrounds, varying personalities, and different levels of experience to foster creativity and offer a range of viewpoints and ideas.

The proofs are countless. Here are a few examples:

Firms with more female executives are more profitable - as demonstrated in this study from the PIIE

According to McKinsey, racial and ethnic diversity improves financial performance even more than gender diversity alone.

Diverse companies are in a better position to win top talent and improve customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and decision making - that same study shows

How do you achieve diversity in the workplace?


Achieving diversity means striving for the right balance of diverse attributes in your team, while removing unconscious bias in the hiring process.

Consider the multiple facets of diversity.
Beyond gender equality or a good racial, ethnic, or age mix, diversity in the workplace could take many forms: employees’ origin, education, experience, personality, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, family status, lifestyle, skills, etc.

Be aware of and eliminate any unconscious bias when hiring.
Bias can be found in the wording of the job description itself, in where the candidates are being sourced, or in the simple act of relying too much on employee referrals - which tend to bring a similar type of candidates.

Want to know how Vervoe can help you achieve diversity? See our commitment below.

Our Commitment to Diversity


It is written in our mission and it is how our team and partners behave every day. “We are reinventing the recruiting experience to make it effective, fair, and enjoyable.”


We believe that hiring should be based on merit, not resumes. By assessing everyone with standardized questions and tasks, our platform makes employers look forward into a candidate’s potential - what he or she can do - and not backwards - what country, school, or company they come from.


By helping employers craft unbiased job descriptions; by allowing them to source candidates from multiple job boards - including diversity-focused sites; and by providing them with online interviews and simulations to form fair opinions of candidates based on how they respond and regardless of their background or experience, Vervoe promotes diversity at each and every step of the hiring process.

That’s diversity at work. Want to learn more? See here.