HOW Vervoe Works

  • For Employers
  • For Candidates

Set up the interviewing process.

Select interview scripts and on-the-job simulations created by experts from our library. Adjust the questions and tasks as needed, or create your own. Add as many rounds of interviews as necessary.


Invite jobseekers to apply on Vervoe.

Whether you advertise on job boards or social platforms, candidates can apply in one click and start the interviewing process right away!


Review your candidates’ responses.

Be notified as soon as candidates complete a stage of the interviewing process. Grade their answers, select who advances to the next step. And let Vervoe automatically share status updates with all candidates and collaborators involved.


Only meet the very best.

Once you’ve identified the finalists, it’s time to meet them face-to-face. Whether in-person, over video call, or through a pre-recorded video, only spend time with the very best.



Collaborate with your team to gather feedback on best applicants along the way. And when you’ve found the perfect candidate, hire straight from the platform, it is that easy!


Candidates start the interviewing process as soon as they apply.

No matter where candidates come across your job posting, they can apply right away on Vervoe. Vervoe takes them through the interview stages seamlessly, and notifies you each time they complete a step. Voila!


Vervoe guides all applicants through the process, automatically.

Vervoe emails candidates each time an action is required or a decision made about their application. The platform also shows them where they stand in the process at all times. And they can chat with us, always.


Candidates can show their true value through tailored interviews and simulations.

Whether candidates take customized tests, share work samples, or complete on-the-job tasks, you will be able to judge who they truly are and what their real potential is. Hire based on merit, not imperfect resumes.


Interviewees have many other ways to show their know-how and motivation.

Vervoe gives candidates the option to customize their profile and use file uploads, audio or video recordings to bring their application to life. Let’s raise the bar in hiring and be ready to be dazzled!


Your final picks are one email away when it’s time to meet - or extend an offer!

Once you’re ready to meet the finalist(s), you can do a video call or ask for a pre-recorded video on Vervoe. Or meet in-person, they are just one email away! Ready to hire? Vervoe lets you do that too.

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