A new recruiting experience.

At Vervoe, our mission is to reinvent the recruiting experience for startups and small to medium businesses, to make it effective, fair and enjoyable.

Our Story

Vervoe was built because, while everyone recognizes that hiring is painful, nobody was solving the problem in the right way.

Disqualifying people based on their résumé is both inefficient and unfair. Too much time is wasted meeting people who look good on paper, while some of the hidden gems get overlooked.

Vervoe shifts the focus from deciding who to interview to deciding who performs well in the interview itself, giving everyone a chance to do so.

Today it matters less what university someone attended or how many LinkedIn connections they have. What really matters is how well people can do the job, and how they can contribute to a company’s culture.

We believe there is a perfect job out there for everyone and we are focused on creating a platform to help employers and candidates find that perfect fit.

“Instead of focusing on more ways to rule people out, we’re creating better ways to give people an opportunity to show what they can do, faster. That’s the type of innovation our clients expect from us.”

- Omer Molad, Vervoe Co-founder and CEO

This is what we care about

Integrity first

We want to be trusted by our clients, so first we must build a culture of trust within our company. Before skills, or anything else, we value integrity. We expect all our people to be honest, respectful and responsible.


Grit before talent

Talent is meaningless if it is wasted. We reward people who work hard to get the best out of themselves, go the extra mile and never give up. People who do that improve their skills and grow. They become more talented over time.



Succeeding against the odds requires courage, and sometimes pain. Tenacious people dare to go where others won’t. They experiment and take risks. They face their fears. That’s how we overcome adversity, we face it head on.


Feedback is a gift

We actively seek feedback from our customers, from each other and from the market, even when it’s difficult to hear. That’s how we ensure we’ll continue to improve.


Work from anywhere

Our team is made up of people who buy into our mission and contribute to our culture. We don’t mind where people live, only how they contribute to the team. We don’t want our people to give up the things they love most, including their families.


Never stay the same

We're growing quickly and we want new team members to contribute to, not just fit in with, our culture. We never want to stand still because the world around us doesn't either. Every day brings something new.


Omer Molad

Co-founder & CEO Melbourne

As a Co-founder and CEO at Vervoe, Omer promotes Vervoe’s mission, leads the company’s strategy alongside co-founder David Weinberg, and is responsible for customers, capital and people.

David Weinberg

Co-founder & CTO Melbourne

As a Co-founder, Executive Director and CTO at Vervoe, David drives Vervoe’s innovation, leads the company’s strategy alongside co-founder Omer Molad, and is responsible for product development and technology.

Pascal Ehrsam

Chief Marketing Officer New York

Pascal is a well-rounded marketer, with both world-class companies and rising start-ups experience. He brings his extensive knowledge of brand building and customer growth to Vervoe.

Jennifer Shellef

Customer Success Manager Dallas

Jen is a seasoned customer champion who has worked in various fields and several tech companies. With her broad knowledge in client solutions, she drives Vervoe to optimize and deliver the best customer experience.

Daniel Vester

Product Lead Berlin

Daniel is an experienced pixel craftsman who enjoys designing products & services which deliver meaningful experiences. He delights in finding imaginative solutions for complex problems and moving ideas from good to great.

William Tincup

Advisor Dallas

At the intersection of HR and technology, William is a writer, speaker, advisor, consultant, investor, storyteller & teacher. William is also president at RecruitingDaily.com